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Educational Apps: Not Just for Students, but for Teachers Too!

It’s that time of the year. Back to school! Digital learning in the United States is now incorporated into every level of education—not just for students, but increasingly for administrators, teachers, and school staff as well. There are a variety of different apps ranging from tools to help students perform better, inspire them creatively, and help teachers respond to a variety of different learning styles better.

According to the App store, in June 2015 there are a recorded 80,000 educational apps. Wow!

Here are some great teacher-approved apps to check out as we start the new school year:

–  Remind: This popular tool lets teachers send a variety of messages to parents and caregivers, such as announcements and messages about field trips and parent-teacher meetings. With this free app, you say goodbye to countless handouts that often go unread and or sticky notes! There is a reason why 35 million students, parents, and teachers use this service.

–   Educrations– In the classroom, digital visual aids improve learning up to 400%. With the app, teachers can create engaging videos to share instantly with students! Kids can even replay the videos as much as they please, which is helpful for after-school homework.

–    Socrative– This classroom app lets teachers gauge how much students are learning. You can assess how much students know at any given moment with either pre-written out questions or impromptu activities on a specific topic or subjects. The results then go one step further; giving tips on how to most effectively improve learning!


Happy teaching!