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Enjoy Fall With These Apps

Yesterday was officially the first day of the season. The beginning of fall marks cooler temperatures, beautiful foliage, and an opportunity for fun outdoor activities. With these apps, make the most of the start of fall this weekend.

Merlin: Birdwatching fans, this is the app for you. What better time to do so then this season? This app can help user’s identify any bird in the sky with just a few set of questions.

StarWalk: With this app, users can see all of their favorite fall constellations. StarWalk catalogues the night sky so users can easily enjoy peaceful autumn nights with their loved ones and friends as they choose.

Leaf Peepr: Track and report the fall foliage wherever you may be. Users are able to rate the color of the foliage they find and compare them to other reports in the same region.

Hope you enjoy the start to your fall this weekend!