Mobile Future

Facebook Nation

It is highly likely if you are reading this post that you are already on Facebook. Even in Washington, a town that is slow to embrace change, there is a great deal of "vampire biting" and "sheep throwing" happening in the District.

It is also highly likely that you are wondering what this post or Facebook has to do with our Mobile Future. I believe a great deal…

As you may recall at CTIA’s Fall IT show last year, Dustin Moskowitz announced that Facebook was going mobile. Folks now have the opportunity to download the Facebook application on their Blackberries. At this year’s show, a representative at RIM told me that 1 million downloads of the application had occurred. This is a very impressive development and likely to accelerate as Blackberry devices move into the hands of the millenials. A demographic that will out number the boomers in 2010.

However, it is not necessarily the mobile social networking potential that is interesting but all the different groups in Facebook focused on the wireless industry. On that note, one group that I would like to highlight is the Social Mobile Group.

The Social Mobile Group consists of people who are interested in how wireless can be a positive factor in developing countries across the world. It is an active community that highlights articles and the works of others who believe that wireless can be a factor in changing lives. Ken Banks (a member of Stanford’s faculty) founded the group and I’m honored to be a part of this community.

Please consider joining the group and getting involved!