Mobile Future

FCC Open Commission Meeting

Today, the FCC held an Open Meeting and initiated proceedings on policies regarding mobile spectrum holdings and on expanding the economic and innovation opportunities of spectrum through incentive auctions.

Mobile Future Chairman Jonathan Spalter responded to today’s proceedings, stating:

“The Commission’s action today is a historic step for America’s 300 million wireless subscribers, and will enable mobile network operations to more quickly and efficiently meet exploding consumer demand for wireless connectivity.  In the face of the nation’s serious and continuing spectrum shortage, we urge the FCC to establish a clear timeline for moving forward with the auction design process. Speed, transparency and simplicity will be critical to promote maximum participation by broadcasters and wireless providers alike.

As for the mobile spectrum holdings proceeding, the Commission’s current approach to spectrum aggregation has created substantial marketplace uncertainty which can hamper a dynamic secondary market and innovation   The NPRM may be a useful tool to better enable operators’ network planning and growth. In assessing the spectrum landscape, we urge the FCC to reject overly narrow views of the spectrum that is identified as currently, or soon to be, available for mobile broadband.  It is particularly important that this proceeding not unduly limit participation in the upcoming incentive auctions, other spectrum auctions, or secondary market transactions, so that the spectrum can flow to as many wireless users as possible and help achieve President Obama’s bold goals for America’s mobile broadband future.

We look forward to closely reviewing the items and fully participating in the proceedings.”

Read the full statement here.