Mobile Future

FCC Talks Spectrum on Tech Platforms

The FCC is fully embracing the power of tech platforms to talk about spectrum.

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel took to her official Twitter account yesterday to express her support for secondary markets as “an important way to address growing demand for wireless capacity” and to increase efficient use of spectrum. She also rightly tweeted out that when it comes to spectrum demand we “must think beyond proliferation of wireless phones” and mentioned the rise of tablets and the “50 billion machine-to-machine devices expected within a decade.”

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s recent piece in TechCrunch underscores the critical point the U.S. wireless landscape finds itself in; exploding consumer demand for high-powered mobile devices and the need to foster an environment that encourages investment in advanced wireless networks to meet the demands of consumers and ensure a bright mobile future. As Genachowski stated:

“Challenges to U.S. leadership are real. This is a time to press harder on the gas pedal, not let up. The first challenge is the need for faster and more accessible broadband networks. We need to keep pushing because our global competitors aren’t slowing down. I’ve met with senior government officials and business leaders from every continent, and every one of them is focused on the broadband opportunity. If we in the U.S. don’t foster major investments to extend and expand our broadband infrastructure, somebody else will take the lead.”

And today, in a speech at Vox Media, Genachowski emphasized the need to push for more bandwidth:

“Most notably, we are in a global bandwidth race, which will help determine who leads on jobs and GDP in this flat, competitive, innovation-driven global economy. And much like the space race in the 20th century, success in this race will unleash waves of innovation that will go a long way toward determining who leads our global economy in the 21st century. Our challenge is to make sure that the U.S. has a strategic bandwidth advantage.”

We are encouraged and optimistic that this is an issue the Commission is taking seriously and strongly encourage all members of the Commission to stay focused and keep the pressure on easing the spectrum crunch for the over 300 million American wireless consumers.

All eyes are on the upcoming commission meeting this Friday where the stage will be set for how the Commission handles these important issues.

It’s a big week for spectrum and we appreciate the leadership.