Mobile Future

Follow that car

No, we’re not condoning a high-speed chase, we’re talking Twitter. Ford Motor Company would like you to meet AJ, a 2011 Ford Fiesta that can tweet on its own. Ford already announced its plan to run smartphone apps on its Sync-based cars by the end of this year and claims the technology behind AJ is a logical extension of its commitment to incorporate wireless in a greater capacity in its vehicles.

This past May, a team from Ford drove AJ from Ann Arbor, Michigan all the way to California, with the car tweeting independently throughout the trip. The messages included real-time traffic updates and weather information gathered through an app deemed the “Auto”matic Blog, which “tap[s] into all the available data on the car, including telemetry information, like location, speed, acceleration and braking,” and, “glean[s] information from the windshield wipers, steering input, GPS data and correlate[s] it with live information culled from the Web,” according to the New York Times.

For more on AJ, as well as some information surrounding how Ford will integrate smartphone apps into its vehicles in the near future, check out the full NYT article here.