Mobile Future

For Millennial Teens, Technology Defines Their Lives

An article by SocialTimes highlighted a recent study from Refuel Agency confirming that millennial teens, ages 16-19, are avid early adopters – not only when it comes to technology overall, but particularly mobile devices.  One figure shows teens use their smartphones for 6.3 hours per day– more than TV or computer use, which is only accounts for 3.5 hours each.

Mobile innovation is being used for more than staying connected to their friends throughout their day.  It also makes way for teens to use their wireless devices for other everyday tasks like studying for exams and using shopping apps to make purchases. In fact, 28% of respondents aged 16-19 ranked electronics first or second when it comes to spending money on key necessities.  Being the first generation to grow up in a digitally connected world definitely has it perks!

To find out more about what millennial teens what from their technology, download the full report here.