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Former Governor Warner says “wireless transforms people

I am attending the WCA conference in Washington DC this week. The WCA’s theme this year is "capitalizing on the 4G Eco-system" and former Governor Mark Warner (VA) gave a keynote speech yesterday. As wireless networks go from delivering just voice to high-speed broadband to consumers it was fitting that Governor Warner could provide some insight on this evolution.

Briefly, Governor Warner was one of the original wireless pioneers (co-founded the company that became Nextel) and understands the business as well. He is currently running for the United States Senate in Virginia and hopes for the opportunity to help spur broadband efforts across the country.

As Governor of Virginia, Mr. Warner is familiar with the challenges of connecting folks in rural areas. During his speech he discussed the success of paving the way for "700 miles" of next generation broadband lines that connected "600,000" Virginians. Uniting folks across the party lines was key to making this happen and he hopes to bring "transformative" change to the Senate.

With regard to wireless, the Governor believes that facilitating the application process for RUS funds for small wireless providers and getting more spectrum available for providers is critical to our mobile future.

Stay tuned for additional updates from the conference….

Chris Parandian is reporting from the WCAconference, keeping us informed about what policymakers are sayingabout issues we care about. We’re not endorsing, just sharing theircomments.