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Four Apps for an Awesome 4th of July

Are you ready to party like it is 1776 this weekend? Whether you are hosting a BBQ or heading out of town on a road trip, these apps are sure to make this Independence Day a fun-filled holiday.

Grilling Out

This 4th of July weekend is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends. The GrillTime app is here to help you avoid being stuck standing around a grill all day. GrillTime tells you how long you need to grill anything and everything to perfection. Make sure your sous chef(s) manning the grill have this app downloaded as well, it will even tell you how often you should be flipping your burgers based on the meat, size, and desire of doneness.

Camping Out

Don’t head into the woods without getting a good look at the best Park Finder app: Oh, Ranger! The app has a full catalog of parks across America, including thousands of national and state parks, forests, and US Army Corps recreation areas. Not only can you search for near by camping grounds by zip code, location, or address—you can also select activities such boating, picnicking, and hiking to streamline your search.

Heading Out of Town

PackPoint takes the stress out of packing by knowing everything you need and creating a checklist so you wont forget a thing. PackPoint starts by asking where you are headed and what kind of activities you have planned, including the ability to add custom activities. Based on what you share and the weather forecast of your destination, PackPoint generates a list of packing items that you can mark off once they are in your suitcase.  And once you are done, you can share and compare your packing lists with family and friends through text message or social media.

Splitting the Bill

Whether you are traveling out of town, planning a BBQ in your backyard, or taking a road trip, CostSplit allows you to share costs within a group of people where everyone can individually log what they have spent from their own devices. Whether you are distributing grocery lists for your BBQ or planning to settle expenses post-holiday weekend between friends, this app can help. At the end of the night, day, or weekend, you can generate a report that tells the group how to settle any outstanding debts.