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Four Apps to Kick Start Your Way to Eating Healthy

Still staying true to those New Year’s resolutions for a healthier you? According to Pew Research Center, over 60% of U.S. adults use mobile apps to track their heart rate, weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar.  Here are our four favorite apps to kick start your way to eating healthier. And why wait until Monday? These apps are easy to use and the perfect way to get going.

Substitutions: Have a recipe that calls for 2 whole sticks of butter?  Skip it. Use only one stick of butter and replace the other with a quarter cup of yogurt. You’ll reduce the calories and saturated fat. The app helps you refrain from eating foods that aren’t as good for you by providing equally delicious substitutions for your favorite recipes!

Fooducate: Shop smarter using this app that allows you to scan grocery store barcodes to find a letter grade for the item’s nutritional value. Improving your diet has never been easier by making small improvements, as you can track the ingredients before placing them in your grocery cart.

Food Tripping: This app finds healthier alternative places to eat at based on your location. Thanks to this database, there will always be a healthy place nearby to grab a nutritious snack.

FindME GlutenFree: Yelp meets gluten free restaurants with this helpful app. You can find gluten free restaurants and products near you in a cinch. Even better, find gluten free menus at restaurants that are not as easily available online.

Mobile apps like these take on a self-monitoring approach that can have a huge impact on your health. In fact, 46% of adults who used mobile apps like these noticed a positive difference in their eating habits. Happy (smart) snacking!