Mobile Future

foursquare gets a bounce!

If you are keeping up to speed in the mobile-social space, which is not an easy task, you probably noticed a lot of chatter in the blogosphere and on twitter this week about foursquare.  It had nothing to do with a big media push or new product announcements by the company.  The catalyst for all the buzz was Ashton Kutcher joining the fun as its latest player!

We covered foursquare back in March, as it was one of the hottest technologies being discussed and utilized at SXSWi.  Once again, foursquare is an application that "not only helps you keep up with your friends, but exposes you to new things and challenges you to explore cities in different ways."  foursquare is succeeding in the location-based social networking space by being a game.  For instance, when you check-in from a cafe, museum, or restaurant you can find out which of your friends are nearby. You can also receive "badges" which are rewards for doing "interesting things."  On that note, if you are awarded "Mayor" status, you have checked-in to a venue more often than anyone else.  However, your reign as Mayor can be "stolen" once someone else trumps your number of checks-ins.

I’ve enjoyed watching foursquare organically grow over the last few months.  It is clearly the "Mayor" in the hot location-based social networking race and should get an additional bounce as other mobile-social companies have enjoyed with Ashton playing along.