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Gaga Over Wireless

Rock stars have often been brilliant marketers, discerning and adopting new trends before anyone else. Think David Bowie and Madonna. Now you can add Lady Gaga to the list:

While her performance art-style stage shows and bizarre outfits have garnered much buzz, it’s her loyalty marketing that may sustain her for years. Gaga is dedicated to her fans and clearly knows the elements of cultivating a community of evangelistic fans.

One staple of Gaga’s “Monster Ball” tour is to call a fan in the audience during the show. She dials the number onstage, the fan screams out, is located and they are put up on a big screen. While the rest of audience goes bananas, she invites the fan to have a drink with her after the show.

On Twitter, she tells fans what she is doing, such as tweeting them before she opened the Grammy Awards. She also tweeted to fans that she was buying them pizza for waiting overnight at an album signing.

Here’s a YouTube vid of a concert call. As Springsteen might say, Let it rock!