Mobile Future

Gentlemen, Start Your Wireless

You can already use wireless to start your car, roll down the windows, turn on the air conditioner and find directions. According to a new report, now the real fun is about to start.

The consulting firm iSuppli just came out with a report showing the likely way that wireless apps will revolutionize car entertainment. Start with the basics: Bluetooth is already available more than 90 percent of U.S. model year 2010 vehicles. Now imagine that a car’s operating system (or at least its entertainment system) use the same software as a mobile phone.

The result: There’s a lot less need for expensive in-car electronics. Also, it becomes easy for passengers in the back seat to enjoy movies or gaming on the headrest screen, as data wirelessly connects from their phone. (The downside: You’ll have one less excuse for not doing office work on a long car ride.)

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