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Get Happy! With Wearables

Did you know? People who are happy have lower blood pressure, less stress, and are at a lower risk of heart disease. Happiness and healthiness affect each other, so it makes sense that the wearables designed as fitness trackers are now trying to help you achieve new levels of daily happiness.

WellBe and Feel are wristbands that use your body’s signals to gauge your happiness. Wellbe doesn’t monitor your steps, instead it monitors your emotional well-being by tracking your heart rate for three minutes every hour. It analyzes heart rate variability to determine your stress level based on time, location and people you meet. The app then uses that data to suggest mindful exercises to relieve your stress.. Similarly, Feel measures a variety of bio-signals and then provides personalized recommendations and coaching to help you identify stress triggers and improve emotional well-being.

Other wearables like Prana and Spire are clips that both help you improve your breathing and coach you through a meditation session. With more O2 and a calmer mind, these clips will guide you to a happier day at work or on the go.

Turns out, wearables not only help your fitness, they can boost your happiness. Whether it’s a band to monitor your emotions or a clip that keeps you calm, happiness is just a wearable away!