Mobile Future

Going Mobile for 2016 Election

The future of civic engagement technology is here and it all starts with the first stop on the road to the U.S. presidential election – Iowa.

A new cloud-based platform of apps, developed by Microsoft and Interknowlogy, is set to be a game-changer in the 2016 presidential election and will be used by both parties in the Iowa caucuses next year.  The mobile-enabled system is designed to ensure secure and accurate voter results. Staff at respective candidates’ headquarters will be able to monitor incoming results and more importantly—be able to identify any glitches and problem areas, allowing them to notify staff in district offices immediately.  With the platform’s ability to easily transmit election results to your phone or tablet within seconds, citizens will be able to be better informed about results sooner and can trust that they are accurate.

The Iowa caucuses are the first primary in a long road to the White House, but going high-tech will help ensure accurate reporting and improve voter confidence.  Using mobile for voter engagement tools such as platforms like these will help all Americans do their civic duty.

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