Mobile Future

Green Apps for the Conscious Recycler

This Sunday, November 15th, is National Recycle Day! Here are five great mobile apps to keep you educated and motivated to reduce, reuse and recycle.

iRecycle: When at home or on the go, iRecycle will tell you exactly where and how to recycle your goods. The app suggests over 1 million ways to recycle over 350 different materials.

The Green Machine: If you have ever wondered how much environmental savings you generate, then this app will keep you inspired. Businesses, homes and individuals can enter their recyclables in pounds and the app will let you know how much you are saving.

Dr. Wunda’s Recylatron: Dr. Wunda is a German scientist who helps you learn about recycling and successfully sorting materials in this fun interactive game for all ages.  Recycle, reduce your carbon footprint and have fun! .

Recycle Bank: If you like getting rewarded for doing good, then Recycle Bank is for you. Earn points by recycling or learning more about the environment through interactive videos! Then, use those points to cash in on local deals like discounts at Target or for magazine subscriptions

Gro Recycling: In this fun game, children can sort recyclable goods into various trashcans and then see these recycled goods turn into usable materials.