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Green Tech and Business: An Opportunity to Save Big

Earlier this week, an article in Fortune highlighted the impressive ways companies are cutting their energy costs by utilizing the Internet of Things.  In fact, one energy technology company is using smart technology to cut energy costs for clients by up to 70% and reduce heating and air conditioning bills by 20-30%.

The future of IoT as an energy-saving partner in the business world is looking increasingly promising.  Smart commercial buildings and smart homes already represent 45% of the total connected things in use in 2015.  Gartner predicts that this number will increase up to 81% in the next five years. Businesses want to connect the workplace not only to protect our environment, but to help rev up the economy, boost overall productivity, and give employees more freedom to work from anywhere.  IoT and smart technology help businesses accomplish these goals – data shows that 94% of all businesses have seen a return on their IoT investments.

And for the commute home from work? IoT has got you covered. Our new infographic highlights the potential for entire cities to reduce energy costs by up to 80% by implementing connected street lamps! With IoT permeating every aspect of our lives, the opportunities are endless when it comes to connected devices.

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