Mobile Future

Green is good - mobile companies help goverment manage their greenhouse gas emissions

As national governments increasingly are developing policies to curb and manage greenhouse gas emissions,  mobile innovators are deploying sophisticated mobile-based software platforms to help industries, states, municipalities and the federal government to track, manage, report and analyze their greenhouse gas footprints, and comply with policy mandates.   

Such is the assessment of one mobile innovator, Larry Goldenhersh, CEO of the California-based company Enviance, whose company, along with other companies like ESS,  have been developing and deploying mobile applications for their core software platforms to allow industries, governments, and organizations to gather, enter and share data,  facilitate bar coding and data  logging in order to efficiently comply with new energy efficiency reporting requirement, taxation mandates, and trading regimes. 

I met with Larry recently to learn more about the emerging field of "green" applications for mobile.  Now,  he said, engineers and project managers in the field, equipped with mobile devices, can gather and analyze complex data sets for their companies, organizations,  or governments to facilitate compliance with voluntary greenhouse gas reduction programs, populate GHG registries,  facilitate participation in "cap and trade" programs, and collaborate in sectoral, scientific, and governmental GHG programs and initiatives.   

The use of mobile and wireless technologies as a core component in measuring and managing the environmental footprint of companies and governmental assets is more than merely a moral or a PR posture; Larry said,  it is a bottom-line best practice.  Indeed, one market research firm , in its recent survey "Communicating Green", has modeled future economic benefits of using mobile and wireless, along with other communications platforms, in designing and deploying mobile communications and data services for environmental management, and concludes that the future marketplace for green mobile innovation is highly attractive globally. 

That is one of the reasons that an increasing number of innovators, including companies like Enviance, and others are pioneering this path to a greener future, and an increasingly mobile future.