Mobile Future

Green Phone?

I read with great interest a story in the Times Online about Apple’s recent patent filing and a solar powered iPhone. This isn’t the first time a manufacturer has thought about a “green phone” but Apple may be in the best positionto get it done. These developments are great news for the industry andfurther demonstrates the innovation occurring in this sector.

On a related note, last year at this time,I pondered why the wireless industry hasn’t highlighted more of itseffort in this space. All four major carriers participate in recyclingefforts.As we have seen in the car industry, a green reputation can beextremely powerful. For instance, Toyota has captured the hearts andminds of consumers with its Prius.

Thereis still a huge opportunity for the wireless industry here.Accordingly, I’m psyched that Mobile Future is making this a majorinitiative and we will be hosting a panel in June (on Capitol Hill) onrecycling.

Stay tuned for more information on that event…