Green wireless

April 22, 2009

What better way to mark Earth Day than by looking at the green benefits of wireless technology?

For starters, take a look at this clip from Monday’s Today Show about the advantages of adding monitoring technology to the electric grid. The new technology allows consumers to track their electricity use by appliance and by the hour.  Time to replace the refrigerator?  The meter will let you calculate your energy savings. Water heater wasting energy?   The meter shows how much it gobbles while you’re away for the weekend.

Now the wireless part: As last week’s Wall Street Journal reported, cell phone carriers are in an aggressive push to team up with utility companies.  Their goal is a new generation of wireless monitors that allows consumers and the utility company to manage the electricity grid for maximum efficiency.  Among the results: Less energy used, less need to build new generators and…

As The Journal reports:

"The upshot for consumers is they may eventually be able to monitor and control home-energy use through a cellphone that talks to a digital meter and other devices, though that service is still in development."

The potential savings from "smart grid" technology are huge, not to mention the global benefits of reducing greenhouse gases.  The Obama Administration just announced about $4 billion to develop this new technology.  That’s why it’s a safe bet that you’ll be hearing more about it – and the wireless technology that increasingly makes a greener planet possible.