Mobile Future

Group Gaming with Mobile!

One of the best parts about the holiday season is spending time with friends and family. Thanks to mobile, you can switch up those traditional holiday board games with these fun pastimes available on your mobile devices.   .

Heads Up: Your phone screen acts as a game card with the Heads Up app. Groups split in teams and as one player holds the phone  face out on their forehead, their teammates give them clues to guess the word that is on the phone screen. Categories include celebrities, movies, and animals, and  guarantee rounds of merriment for players both young and old(er).

Party Doodles: Use your phone or tablet as a chalkboard to make doodles for your team to guess. This customizable app gives you the option to draw whatever you want and gives you themes to guide you along.

Just Dance Now: Get everyone up and moving with the Just Dance Now app! A mobile app version of the popular console game, the app has over 200 song titles for the group to enjoy. Bonus? The app is compatible  with Google Cast and  Apple Airplay, allowing it to be viewed  on  your TV for an amplified experience.

These mobile apps will definitely be crowd pleasers this holiday season and beyond!