Mobile Future

Hitting Out of the Ball Park with IoT

Next week, the nation will watch the New York Mets take on either the Kansas City Royals or the Toronto Blue Jays for the World Series title.  As the two teams battle for the championship, we can look forward to the future of baseball becoming more precise and competitive thanks to new connected devices and the Internet of Things. Not only is IoT enhancing the game for players, but it is also enhancing the fan experience, with stadiums like the San Francisco Giants now boasting that they are the nation’s “most connected stadium.” In the future, 99% of everything we make will connect to the Internet and America’s pastime, baseball, will certainly not be left out.

Years ago, fan experience was enhanced when the MLB introduced a radar gun to track the speed of a pitch.  Using new technology, an equivalent device is now being made available for hitters. Blast Motion, Diamond Kinetics and Zepp are all swing trackers, or tiny sensors that attach to the knob of a baseball bat. Devices in the bat will not only be able to track a hitter’s speed, but also their form and small imperfections in their swings.

As batters are improving, so are pitchers. A new connected sleeve called Mthrow measures a pitcher’s motion. This technology is especially important for pitchers, who are 34% more likely to be injured over batters, and often experience the most fatigue on the field.

Finally as a spectator, try to imagine a not so distant future of error free umpires! With IoT being able to quickly collect data on pitchers and batters, arguments about a strike call may be a thing of the past.

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