Mobile Future

Homeowner’s Bliss: Connected Devices for You

By 2020, there will be more than 34 billion internet-connected devices in the world. That’s enough for every single person on Earth to own 4 devices!  Many of them will end up in our homes, including a few to keep us on top of our chores.  Here are some of our favorite smart home devices.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator:This smart fridge not only has speakers, but a touch screen display where users can write notes to mark food expiration dates or important social events. This device also allows users to order groceries straight from the touch display. Additionally, there are cameras built into the fridge so you can see what’s available via your phone without opening the door and letting the cold air come out!

Seven Dreamers Laundroid:Never fold your laundry again. You can tell your device to fold your clothes via your smartphone. This device folds your clothes by using image-recognition algorithms to identify the type of clothing and how to fold it appropriately.

Febreze Home:Ever wish your room smelled like roses before you walked in? This air freshener connects to your smartphone where users can set a schedule for the device to release the Febreze odor throughout your home.

Check out these connected devices that make your home cleaner, tidier, and smarter.