Mobile Future

How Mobile Innovation Is Changing Humanitarian Food Assistance

How are humanitarian organizations working to better deliver food assistance to those living in conflict-afflicted areas, regions affected by natural disasters or countries fighting epidemic diseases? Wireless connectivity. These organizations need accurate data not only to do their job, but to also maintain safety – and mobile is helping in every aspect of the challenge.

The World Food Program is utilizing mobile technology to initiate programs to help fight hunger around the globe. The WFP’s Department of Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping, mVAM, uses mobile phones to collect data and the results are astounding.  For instance, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, WFP is using short surveys and telephone interviews, an Interactive Voice response system, and SMS all on mobile phones to collect local food prices and food security indicators. Before mVAM, it took nearly 6 weeks to get this data.  Now, it takes only one week and cuts costs by 60%.

WFP is looking to be effective in nearly 30 countries within the next few years – thanks in large part to the mobile revolution, which is drastically changing the future of food security worldwide. To learn more, click here.