Mobile Future

How do you say…?

It’s no secret that new technologies—including those advanced in the wireless marketplace—are making the world a smaller seem smaller by the day. As Ellen Page shows us in Cisco’s ad campaigns, a quick “field trip” to China or a consultation with a doctor travelling internationally can happen these days with relative ease. But connectivity does not always yield itself to communication, especially when taking language barriers into consideration.

Well fear not, les communicateurs! Mashable conveniently has profiled 15 mobile translation apps that can assist the international telecommuter and traveler alike and make each a little more confident when conversing across languages and lands. And while these apps may not quite make you fluent upon download, they can promise whether you are conversing from the comfort of your couch or the clamor of the Champs-Élysées, you will always feel a little more chez soi.