Mobile Future

How mobile helps you shop smart

This season, who isn’t trying to cut costs?  Fortunately, as Claire Cain Miller points out in The New York Times [Link 1], your PDA gives you an instant alternative to trudging through parking lots and malls:

“The mobile phone is quickly becoming Santa’s biggest helper.  Powerful software applications for [PDAs] are making it easy for bargain-hunting consumers to see if another retailer is offering a better deal on a big-screen HDTV or pair of shoes and to use it to haggle at the cash register.

 “Online retailers are revamping the mobile versions of their sites so consumers can make purchases without tedious typing. And offline retailers, battling for every last dollar, are sending cellphone users electronic coupons to lure them away from competitors.”

Incidentally, while shopping and browsing may be national pastimes this time of year, let’s also remember the holiday spirit and help those in need.  Yes, you guessed it – your mobile phone makes it easy to do that too.  The folks at the Mobile Giving Foundation are leading the way in helping non-profit organizations leverage the mobile Internet to generate fast and easy options for mobile users to donate from their PDAs.