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How To Be Kind To Mother Earth

I just got my cell phone bill and the bill insert caught my eye, because it looked a bit like something out of the Smith and Hawken catalog, and so I read it instead of tossing it directly into the recycling bin like I normally do.

If I sign up for paperless billing, the carrier will plant a tree on my behalf through the Arbor Day Foundation. Not only that, but the tree will be planted where it is needed most – in Southern California or in New Orleans, where trees are desperately needed but not growing back on their own. This effort is done under the Restoration Project at the Arbor Day Foundation.

After following the easy sign-up instructions, I can get and pay my bill online and no more trees will be killed when I pay my bills.

As if that wasn’t enough, the company also provided information on how to recycle and old phone. You can take your phone – any make, model or carrier – to the company’s store and they will recycle it. The old devices will either be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way or reused. Not only can you drop off your phone, but all your accessories, too, eliminating the jumble of hands free devices and chargers that won’t work with the new phone but collect in that spare drawer in the kitchen. Many times the phones are sold to companies that can reuse the materials and any proceeds derived from selling the phones go to the company’s community outreach program.

In one small bill insert, I’ve found out how to help the planet and my community. Check back here throughout the month of April for more tips on how to be kind to Mother Earth.