Mobile Future

I want my W-TV

The wireless TV revolution continues. 

By year’s end, mobile users in about 28 television markets
will be able to access American Idol,
Grey’s Anatomy and even choose
between Conan and Jimmy Kimmel.  That’s
according to the nation’s broadcasters, who expect to begin the experiment this
summer in Washington, DC.  The shows will
be streamed free over a portion of the broadcasters’ digital spectrum to a
variety of mobile devices including cars, netbooks, and cell phones. 

The downside according to The Washington Post: "Currently, there are no commercial mobile devices capable of carrying
digital television broadcasts."  But
that’s expected to change quickly, as multiple prototypes are soon

Mobile users already have several options for streaming
videos but at a cost (around $10-$20 a month, depending on the service) so it
will be interesting to see how quickly this free service takes off.  At a minimum, it could be a less frustrating
way for your passengers to pass the time while caught in beach