Mobile Future

In Event of Turbulence, Please Hold Onto Your Phone

Are you afraid of turbulence when flying? Instead of holding on to the armrests next to you during takeoff, you now only need to hold onto your mobile. How so? New mobile technology helps us in so many ways—and one app developer has decided to tackle the anxiety many of us feel during some surprise turbulence.

The new app was created by a pilot and uses the sensors already on your phone to predict turbulence and keep you informed in real-time. While you’re waiting to board, the app will download flight information and data, so it can provide calming messages during takeoff and landing. This app isn’t the only mobile tech to help you handle flight jitters. Here is an awesome list of other great apps to help you overcome your fear of turbulence.

With mobile apps already accompanying you before your flight as you book on the go, it only makes sense that there is now an app that eliminates in-flight stress and helps us stay calm during our travels!

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