Industry Consensus Plan on USF

July 29, 2011

Major telecom firms today jointly filed a proposal with the FCC outlining a framework to modernize and rationalize the universal service and intercarrier compensation systems. A key component of the plan is to transition Universal Service Fund support from voice service to broadband.  Mobile Future Chairman Jonathan Spalter responded to the proposal, stating:

“We are encouraged by the progress being made to overhaul universal service and intercarrier compensation rules to redirect funds for national broadband deployment. A modern framework that supports robust networks in a targeted, cost-efficient and technology-agnostic way will benefit both consumers and the nation’s economy.

“We applaud this effort to build consensus across the broadband ecosystem around a solution that will ensure deployment extends into remote, unserved communities in a way that leverages mobile and other rapidly developing technologies. Meaningful reform will help achieve the objectives of the National Broadband Plan by helping guarantee all corners of the nation reap the benefits of broadband and our nation as a whole is positioned to compete and win in a connected world.”

To read the full statement, click here.