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Information Overload? These 3 Apps Can Help

If you are experiencing information overload and need a way to get all of your news from a one stop shop—there’s an app for that. Actually, there are three! These apps combine your social media preferences, interests and reading habits, to help you skip through the clutter and get to what’s important in no time.

Shuffle, available for iOS and Android, uses an algorithm built around 5 relevant attributes- interests, friends, location, timeliness, and popularity- to suggest news stories and articles just for you. It’s easy to navigate and  remembers your story preferences.

Available for iPhone, Nuzzel lets you login with either Twitter or Facebook and instantly compiles what news stories your friends are commenting on and sharing.
Get more info on the stories that interest you, one paragraph at a time. Read instant updates written and summarized by Inside’s team of curators and select topics to easily customize your feed.