Mobile Future

Innovation + Technology: Classroom Game Changer

Mobile technology continues to impact our everyday lives—making daily tasks easier and more efficient. But most importantly, technology is helping those who are the future of this country—our children. Innovative products and services are helping to transform the classroom and provide new efficient resources to improve education.

Here’s how:

  • According to a recent article in Huffington Post, over 2 million classrooms (60% of all classrooms in the country) now have smartboards, digital interactive screens replacing traditional chalkboards.
  • Now, kids never have to miss a beat – whether they are house or hospital-bound, kids can be present in the classroom virtually through robots that connect via video conferencing and video chat.
  • eBooks penned “techbooks” are mobile and provide a more cost effective option than traditional textbooks.
  • In-class digital educational games on tablets and computers are keeping students excited about learning and provide teachers with real time progress reports and updates.


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