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IoT and Injury Prevention: Staying Safe On and Off The Field

There is nothing like Football Sundays. As your favorite team takes the field this weekend, it is  important to remember that injuries are common, costly and dangerous.  Thanks to connected devices, now athletes and trainers can make smarter decisions about what is best for the body and hopefully prevent injuries. 71/% of people say that wearable tech has improved their health and fitness. Whether you’re a pro athlete or a casual runner, here are some of the best new sports technologies continuing to improve health and keep athletes safe.

Runscribe: By placing this device on your running shoes, Runscribe collects thousands of data points that go straight to your smartphone.  After a run, athletes can use the information to change their running form or develop a training plan more likely to avoid a possible injury.

Vector:  This is a mouth guard created by the i1 Biometrics team using microscopic technologies within the mouth guard to measure data on any hit an athlete has taken. Almost immediately after, medical personnel can be alerted on their smart devices to better asses if it is safe for that player to stay in the game.

Injury Risk Monitor: SAP: This device is helping soccer coaches around the world make decisions on which players to put in the game. Tiny wearable sensors monitor a player’s movement and heartrate, producing data used to ensure players are healthy for every game.

With the Internet of Things, days of safer sports and stronger athletes are ahead.