IoT’s Role in Helping Conserve Wildlife

July 31, 2015

People worldwide were outraged at the killing of beloved Cecil the lion last week. Unfortunately, poaching is one of the most prevalent threats to wildlife around the world and harms functioning of the ecosystem. But now, thanks to the Internet of Things, new steps are being taken to protect and conserve wildlife in Africa.

A recent article by Fortune Magazine shares that a new project by Protect in collaboration with the International Humane Society—Project RAPID (Real-Time Anti Poaching Intelligence Device) is using satellite signals, heart rate monitors, and video streaming to protect endangered rhinos against poachers. With the new 24/7 monitoring, the surveillance of these endangered animals allow the project leads to monitor the rhinos and receive notifications if the animals are injured. If rhinos are in immediate danger, a video camera that is inserted in a rhino’s horn can signal organizations like Protect and the International Humane Society for help with GPS coordinates.

Project RAPID and the amazing work they do are a great example of the real-life applications of the Internet of Things.  To learn more, click here.