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Is mobile improving the education system?

Most schools around the country don’t allow their students to use mobile while school is in session.

That’s not the case for a Richmond, VA middle school.

Colonial Heights Middle school uses hand-held mobile devices to supplement the teacher and textbooks in a classroom. Instead of banning mobile technology, Colonial Heights is embracing it.

“This is their generation; this is aimed at their generation,” sixth-grade teacher Richard Ridpath said. “They are a cell phone, iPod, Xbox generation. This is just meeting [students] where they are.”

Ridpath uses mobile devices with video and interactive applications as a supplement to his more traditional lesson.

Chesterfield, VA Superintendant Marcus J. Newsome said:

“It the past, it seems as though [the cell phone] has been a tool that’s been disruptive to the teaching and learning process, but if there’s a way to turn it around to our advantage, we need to investigate.”

Mobile learning used to be solely associated with online post-secondary education. As technology evolves and preconceptions are lessened, mobile education is beginning to apply to younger and younger students.

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