The American mobile economy is the envy of the world. We led the pack in 4G network deployment – but now the global race to 5G is on.

  • Why We Care

    Whoever is first across the finish line for the next generation of mobile technology will reap incredible economic benefits; wireless services generate $400 billion in annual economic activity. And it’s more than just the billions of investments in wireless networks. From driverless cars to smart electrical grids and remote health monitoring, 5G will spark innovation that promises to touch every sector of the economy. 5G will be ten times faster than 4G and the benefits go beyond speed. Lower latency and greater capacity will test the limits of our imagination for connectivity. The United States needs smart infrastructure and spectrum policies to unleash the full potential of 5G for every American community.

  • Facts

    • 5G will deliver wireless internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second
    • 5G is 100x faster than 4G LTE
    • 5G deployment will provide 3 million new jobs in the United States
    • $500 billion in economic growth
    • Wireless companies ready to invest $275+ billion in 5G