Online Consumer Protection

We need a federal consumer protection standard that fosters continued investment in the online and mobile environment that millions of Americans rely on today.

  • Why We Care

    Americans are passionate about protecting their online experience and continuing to enjoy the incredible benefits of broadband. Rather than continuing the political ping pong over net neutrality, we should be working together to establish holistic consumer protections that apply across the digital ecosystem. There’s widespread agreement that openness online is essential. At the same time, Americans are rightly concerned about online data collection and practices and who has access to incredible amounts of our personal information. Congress can enact comprehensive legislation that protects consumers and incentivizes continued investment in a broadband economy that works for everyone.

  • Facts

    • Across the United States, nearly 380 million wireless connections power our communities. That’s roughly 1.2 wireless connections for every person in the country.
    • Thanks to a bipartisan history of regulatory restraint over broadband, Internet service providers have invested $1.5 trillion in broadband infrastructure since 1996.
    • Investment in mobile has also flourished in the absence of monopoly style regulations; since 2005, U.S. wireless service providers have invested over $315 billion.