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Personalized and/or location-based services are at the heart of wireless innovation, providing some of the most thrilling demonstrations of mobility’s value and vast capabilities.  Need to find a local gas station, emergency room or pharmacy?  There’s an app for that.  Want special deals from your favorite stores and brands?  They’re at your fingertips.  Wondering whether your teenagers are where they claim to be on Saturday night?  See for yourself on your mobile device.  Lost?  Get directions with a few taps.

The ability to customize our wireless world offers significant benefits that improve our daily lives.  It also raises questions about data privacy and security that must be responsibly addressed.

Why We Care
  • We all want continued mobile innovation. Wireless entrepreneurs innovate at a rapid pace—and U.S. consumers and businesses are taking full advantage of all of the resulting progress.  There are 792 mobile apps downloaded per second, and the appetite for continued progress will only grow.
  • It’s important to get the balance right. Being able to track the whereabouts of your children or car?  Good.  Having others track your whereabouts without your consent?  Not so much.  People want an informed say in who sees their private information and when, where and how it is used.  They also want wireless innovation to continue making their lives easier, safer, and healthier.
  • Maintaining flexibility is key. Central to our modern information society is the freedom to innovate, collaborate and push our economy and society forward.  Continued innovation and investment in next-generation technologies and services should not be stifled by rigid or over-reaching data privacy and security rules.
  • Engage stakeholders. In today’s dynamic environment,driven by rapidly evolving technology, changing consumer demands are other fast-moving market conditions, stakeholders are well equipped to address issues quickly and effectively when concerns are raised.  A consensus approach that encourages stakeholders to work together is more likely to yield meaningful privacy advances.
Our Bottom Line

It is important to respect consumer data privacy and security.  It is equally important to get the approach right.  Solutions must inform and empower consumers with regard to their privacy choices without hindering the innovation that consumers desire and our economy needs.

Privacy Facts

792 apps

792 mobile apps are downloaded per second

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Privacy and Mobility: Getting It Right

127 mins

Consumers spend 127 minutes per day using apps - that’s over one month per year

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All About Apps Infographic

100 apps

The average user has more than 100 apps on their device

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All About Apps Infographic

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