Mobile Future

It’s A TV…It’s A Movie…It’s Your Mobile Device!

What is everyone’s favorite way to rewind, relax, and take it easy? Well, if you’re like 80% of other American smartphone owners, chances are you’ll be watching a TV show or movie on your mobile device. And as more and more companies make mobile the go-to for video streaming, watching your favorite show is getting that much easier.

One of the biggest names in video streaming, Netflix, just gave mobile device streamers a giant boon. The company recently introduced mobile downloads, which means you don’t need to use up your data or be connected to the internet in order to watch TV. All you need is your mobile device. Combined with Netflix’s move just last year to allow in-app subscriptions, mobile is becoming the premier way to watch. Along with other streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime, your service providers are also working to make mobile streaming easier. AT&T recently launched DirectTV Now which allows customers to stream live TV to their mobile device without eating up all their data. Doesn’t get better than that!

Mobile is a real powerhouse in video streaming, and it’s one that’s still growing. Last year, 45% of global video viewings were on mobile devices. But as of this fall, mobile streaming now makes up over half of video viewings. Mobile Future member Ericsson released a report indicating that while people are watching less video on their PCs, they are watching an average of 210 more hours of video on their mobile devices per year. That’s a whole lot of TV watching.

With live streaming and mobile video services growing, your mobile device is becoming an all-in-one entertainment platform. Cheers to that!

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