It’s (sort of) easy being green

February 19, 2009

We’re making progress:   “Until now, there have been few models available of so-called green, or environmentally friendly, mobile phones….  That is slowly changing, as the mobile phone industry looks for ways to appeal to a growing segment of consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprints.”  

According to The Times, there won’t be any completely “green” phones unveiled at the Mobile Word Congress this week in Barcelona.  That’s still a couple of years away, at least for affordable ones.  But look at other innovations:  

  • A light sensor that detects natural light, allowing phones to save energy.
  • A phone made from recycled water bottles which can itself be recycled when it’s no longer used.
  • A charger that draws a fraction of the power of most chargers when plugged into an outlet, but not to a phone. (It’s still better to unplug your charger when it’s not in use.)

So progress is coming and the additional cost of being green keeps dropping.  Call it a hunch but that’s a trend certain to continue.