Mobile Future

Jet, Set, Go With Mobile Tech

December is one of the most popular times to travel – it’s  a great time to book that ticket to visit  family over the holidays or head somewhere tropical and warm with friends. What’s not as exciting? Passing time at the airport until your flight takes off. Let’s take a look at some of the  remarkable ways  mobile technology is making your airport time as stress-free as your vacation time.

Starting at the beginning of your trip, apps like  TripIt will keep your travel organized. It  keeps all your reservations in one place and will send you delay notifications  and even offer alternatives if your flight gets cancelled. Our mobile devices have become our pocket travel agents.  A recent study from Sabre reported that 51% of travelers use their phones to check-in for flights and hotels. But that  mobile travel savvy can drain your smartphone battery, which is where some cool new connected luggage can help you out. The Raden and Away and Bluesmart connected suitcases are all able to charge your mobile device at least four times. Raden and Bluesmart also have sensors that can tell you when your luggage is overweight and GPS tracking so you can know where in the world your bag is. Even without connected luggage, you don’t have to worry about losing  your bag , —  airlines like Delta are beginning to make  checked bags trackable on their app.

Once you’re seated comfortably on your flight and your mobile devices are charged thanks to your luggage, you can relax with some mobile video streaming or fun games. And look at that—your entire trip from the airport to the moment you land has been managed by your mobile device!