Mobile Future

Just Use Your Brain!

What do you get when you combine connected tech and your mind? Answer: some very exciting, cutting-edge technology that stimulates your brain  in a whole variety of settings.

San Francisco-based Halo Neuroscience recently released a headset that primes your brain for athletic training. Controlled via your mobile device, the Halo Sport sends energy pulses to stimulate your brain for speedier reactions. And that’s not  the only head-tech working with brain signals. The Neuroverse BrainStation is a head device designed to  prevent late-life mental conditions  by exercising the  brain! Users  apply a  patch and then use their brain  to control in-game movements. If you  like to meditate, Muse offers guided meditations. The headband monitors brain activity, so if you are distracted, the device l adjust your music accordingly.

So whether you want to improve your athletic performance, keep your brain healthy, or just relieve some stress, these head tech devices are expanding how we use our noggin!

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