Mobile Future

Keep In Touch Better With These Messaging Apps!

Messaging apps are great- they are easy to use, a wonderful way to keep in touch, and they help us stay more organized through out our day. While classics like WhatsApp and Messenger are always good to use, check out these cool options too!

Amity– This app focuses on live interaction, so when both users are on at the same time- you can send live animations like hearts and high-fives. It also saves any media you send and has a wide variety of stickers and emojis.

Disney Mix– For kids, the Disney messaging app lets you create your own avatar to chat with, play games with friends, and text stickers and memes! With filters and moderators, Mix promotes safe chatting between kids which means happy kids AND happy parents!

Slack– For companies that want to better work on their team communication, here’s the app for you. Slack has conversation channels for your project or team where you can share files, like comments, and write direct messages. Slack will also keep track of all your files, so you can search for one later and then share it through mail or social media.

Better communication made easy all through your mobile device. It’s as easy as that!