Mobile Future

Keep Your Brain Sharp With These 3 Apps

There’s no need to ever stop learning. With your smartphone, it’s easier than ever. Check out three of our favorite apps to help you do just that.

Duolingo— Ready to finally learn that language you’ve always been meaning to but kept putting off? Duolingo is the perfect way to get started! Duolingo comes with games and questions that help you learn how to speak, read and write your new language.

Peak- Brain Training— Fun brain games and workouts make learning and keeping your mind sharp more fun than chore!

Quizlet- Flashcards and Study Tools— What better way to study then with on-the-go flashcards! You can create your own deck of flashcards or choose from thousands of pre-made options.

Whether you’re learning a new language for your next trip abroad or want to keep your brain sharp, it’s easy to learn on-the-go with your mobile device!