Mobile Future

Keep On Pluggin’

Are you the kind that stresses because you occasionally leave your PDA plugged in all night and you’re worried about the waste of electricity? Well, rest easy because it turns out that the impact on the environment is pretty minimal.

A recent WashPo Green Lantern column, cites figures from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories to suggest that if you leave a typical mobile phone plugged in for eight unnecessary hours every night for a year, you’ll waste about 6.5 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

That’s about .15 percent of the average household’s annual electricity usage. By comparison, swapping an incandescent light for a compact fluorescent could save about 125 kilowatt-hours.

So if you occasionally forget to unplug your phone when Conan comes on, don’t sweat it. Your phone’s energy usage is so low that it won’t make much difference.