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Labor Day Weekend 2015: The Apps You Need Now

We are down to the last days of summer. Labor Day Weekend is the perfect excuse to bask in the sun and do all of the fun activities that you meant to get to since June! Here are some great apps to get your weekend plans started:

Bandsintown: Make concert discovery easier than ever this weekend. Track your favorite artists, receive mobile notifications when your favorite artists are playing, when tickets go on sale, and complete concert listings for every city. Best part: the app scans your music libraries in services like iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify to suggest similar artists, helping you discover new talent coming to your town soon.

Waze: If you are traveling to visit family or heading out on a road trip this weekend, you definitely need this app.  Where GPS meets social media, Waze makes driving a cinch with access to the fastest routes and real-time updates for alternative routes to your destination based on traffic patterns, car accidents, and road closures,. It even tells you how long you will be stuck in traffic! And,users swear by the app’s accuracy when it comes to time estimations.

Hitlist: Travel more, for less. Hitlist’s specialized filters help you plan trips that suit your budget, timeframe, and destination interests. Based on what you tell Hitlist about where you want to go, Hitlist sends you the tailor-made deals that you can share with your friends instantly. This is a must have, particularly for any last minute travel plans.

Knock Knock: Exchanging information with those that you met at a friend’s BBQ or brunch this Labor Day Weekend just got a whole lot more fun thanks to this app. By just knocking twice on your phone, this app remembers the names of people you just met and where you met them, making it easy to connect with those around you. Extra cool: When you are connecting with a group in the same place, only one person needs to open the app. Everyone else can just knock twice on their locked phones and they will be added to a group chat where they can each individually choose to share their contact information.