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LG’s latest - a Watch Phone!

As you know, we are big mobile video enthusiasts here at Mobile Future.  Accordingly, it was great to read Diane Smith’s clip yesterday about mobile video watching steadily increasing.  I expect this trend to continue as mobile becomes the primary way Americans access the internet.

With stronger wireless networks and "mini-computers" in hand, we not only watch videos but we are also shooting video via mobile.  The ability to easily upload videos from streaming services like Qik to YouTube or Facebook should encourage others that you don’t have to be a tech guru to join the revolution.  Aside from watching videos or making mobile movies, there has often been chatter about video calling in our future.  LG’s latest device (LG GD910) brings this to life and I might add – it’s a watch!

SlashGear covered all the specs and here’s a neat video of the watch phone in action!