Mobile Future

Library in a Pocket

If you’re looking to brush up on a little reading, you don’t need to carry around a stack of books or even buy an e-reading device. You’ve already got them with you.

A recent article in the New York Times describes how phones are gaining an edge over e-readers like Kindle. Many people are finding that there is no reason to spend $300 on a new device when they’ve already got access to thousands of books in their pocket. This trend has caught on with application designers:

Over the last eight months, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and a range of smaller companies have released book-reading software for the iPhone and other mobile devices. One out of every five new applications introduced for the iPhone last month was a book, according to Flurry, a research firm that studies mobile trends.

Many new reading applications feature videos, music and other multimedia features, in addition to colorful screens that can’t be found on the Kindle. The fact that smart phones go with us everywhere, take up less space and can perform more functions make them an easy choice for e-reading.