Mobile Future

Life is a highway - mobile apps for auto enthusiasts

From New York Times "Wheels" blogger John Quain:

"Indeed, our love affair with cellphones is increasingly
being coupled with our love affair with the automobile, spawning applications –
some silly, some sublime – that drivers can download to their mobile handsets
for little or no money."


True enough.  To
satisfy your inner Brian O’Conner , there’s a program called
Dynolicious, which gauges your 0-to-60 times, supposedly to within 0.08 of a
second. It also measures lateral G-forces.
Speaking of speed traps (we weren’t but given the above, it
seemed like a natural segue), some new apps give warnings of oncoming
hazards.  For example, an iPhone app
called Njection compiles feedback from subscribers and pinpoints speed traps
along any route you input.
And when you hit a pothole going 80, you’ll need a new
struts.  But at least with RepairPal, you
can get a quick wireless estimate for parts and labor costs, as well as nearby
repair shops with customer ratings.
And those who are more concerned with reducing their carbon
footprint can turn to greenMeter, Ecorio and other apps that suggest ways to
save on fuel.
Just what we need now that the weather’s warmer and Spring
Break is here.