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Love your Jog: How Fitness Apps are Making Working-Out Fun

Have you ever participated in the Running of the Bulls in Spain or been chased by zombies? A recent story on shows how the latest fitness apps help people reach their workout goals by virtually placing them in a scenario where they are motivated to run or cycle. Using GPS, the apps calculate your average speed and estimate calories burned. The app BullDash places the user in the middle of the running of the bulls, where of course people must outrun the bulls. In the app Zombies, Run! people are motivated to run and virtually pick up necessary survival supplies. At certain intervals, people are alerted of nearby zombies to help the app user pick up the pace while jogging. A special shout out to Mobile Future member, Nexercise a fitness app that allows the user to share workout statistics with friends, set daily goals and receive rewards; making the experience fun and motivating! To read more click here.